Fixing the D-Link DCS-950G wireless function

I’ve had this camera up and running about a year ago. Since then, it’s been powered off and not used. Today I decided to connect it back up and could not get the wireless working. So I did a factory reset by holding the reset button in for 10 seconds and also upgraded the firmware to 1.08. But even after doing that I still couldn’t get the wireless working.

From the camera’s web interface, Wireless|Advanced, if I select Enable the page refreshes and the setting goes back to Disable. If I enter any of the wireless network info, and click Apply, the screen again refreshes and all of that info is cleared.

Also tried configuring from the Setup Wizard program installed from the CD, but the Wireless page as shown in the manual never came up. I got the login and IP page and that was it.

After posting my problem in the D-Link forums, one of the techs suspected the wireless card may have come loose in the camera. So I took the camera apart to check and the card was securely in place. But as we’ve seen before with other cards in PC’s, simply re-seating the wireless card fixed the problem.

Here’s a picture of the internals, showing the wireless card. The card sits on three posts that will have to be pinched in order to release the card. These posts are also glued to the circuit board, so make sure they are still securely attached as well.


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